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Eynhallow: A Review

178 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication February 22, 2024

5/5 Stars


Agnes Tulloch is unhappy. Her husband is a drunk and abusive, and the island they live on is anything but the paradise she was promised before they wed. In fact, Eynhallow only houses four families, and most of them are judgemental and stuck up. Agnes only has one friend and between raising her four children and her chores, she rarely has time for even her. All of this seems to change when a foreigner arrives on Eynhallow and Agnes's husband volunteers her as a cook and cleaning lady for the gentleman. But what is this stranger really doing on Eynhallow?

I went into Eynhallow completely blind. I didn't read the synopsis or any other reviews. From the start, I knew I would like this dark and broody novel, and once the name Frankenstein appeared I knew I was hooked. It is a captivating read that made me feel angry, mournful, and elated at the same time. I was rooting for Agnes from the start. I know how it is to be a tall and awkward person in a world full of petite women. Not only that, but her love for her children was something I could connect to. If only it wasn't for her scumbag of a husband...but I guess we do need a villain, don't we? Or maybe more than just one? You'll have to read Eynhallow yourself to figure out what this gothic horror book has in store!

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