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The Modern Prometheus: A Review

4/5 Stars


The Modern Prometheus by Robert Ducharme is the tale of a man reawakened from the dead, and then driven to insanity by the loss and rejection of his loved ones. It not only centers around the monster himself, but also the impact his demise had on his family, and him being but a mere shadow of his former self looking in from the outside.

I really enjoyed Ducharme’s take on the obsessed scientist/ reanimation trope, and found that he brought something new and heartfelt to the table. The story is a mixture of heartbreaking family drama, and gory body horror; which is all wrapped into one fast paced read. The horror elements are well executed, and dark enough to feel the terrible transformation the protagonist is going through.

I want to thank Robert for letting me read his book early, it was a pleasure as always!

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