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Diavola: A Book Review

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 26, 2024

4/5 Stars


Imagine going on a vacation to Italy with your whole family. The rented villa is beautiful, but something feels very wrong with it. Now, picture the building being haunted. You're afraid, but your family acts like everything is normal. No, not normal, but they think you're making it all up like you always do. They think you're a troublemaker, that you're inventing problems for attention. That sucks, doesn't it? Well, that's exactly how Anna Pace is being treated in Diavola. While the story focuses heavily on the haunting taking place in the villa, it also gives an insight into the dysfunctional Pace family, and gosh, do I loathe them for their behavior toward Anna.

The book itself is creepy, witty, and full of tension. Certain scenes gave me goosebumps, while others left me smiling. Anna is an imperfect protagonist, but she feels real. Her anger is genuine, not only toward her family but also toward the darkness around her. I felt for her, and I still do so after finishing the novel. Hauntings can be tough to deal with, but family is even tougher.

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