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Featured Short Story: "Handmade with Love"

My short story "Handmade with Love" is featured in The Little Book of Cursed Dolls published by Media Macabre.

A disturbed young boy has a little too much fun playing with his sister's dolls. A betrayed husband gets more than he bargains for when summoning the dark powers of voodoo magic. And a nazi war criminal discovers that revenge is a dish best-served cold.

Media Macabre is proud to present twelve hair-raising tales of cursed dolls guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Featuring original stories by Phil Keeling, Nancy Brewka-Clark, James Seamone, Aristo Couvaras, Kurt Bachard, Eligoria Seneca, Josh Reynolds, Catherine Berry, Julia C. Lewis, Michael Paige, Katherine Kerestman, and Blair Frison.

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