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I AM AI: A Review

52 pages, Kindle Edition

Published June 20, 2023

5/5 Stars


Ai wrote this novelette. But it wasn't written by A.I., but instead by an author by the name of Ai Jiang who brings us a cautionary tale about the dangers of relying on A.I. programs. Now, that might seem confusing, but it really isn't. You see, in the story, we follow Ai who lives in the future and that future is bleak for artists. People want everything done fast and perfectly, but even a cyborg like Ai has limitations. Running a program under the ruse of an A.I. writing program, Ai takes on clients and writes for them. Whether it be speeches, research papers, or any other document. In order to keep up with the demands, Ai replaces part of her body with tech. By becoming a cyborg, Ai might be more productive than before, but at what cost? And how much longer can Ai call herself human? Is the race against artificial intelligence even feasible?

This short read is very appropriate for our times. Showing the downside of artificial intelligence and how it harms artists all over the world is a message that needs to be spread and Ai Jiang does a wonderful job at doing so.

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