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Featured Short Story: "Bus Stop"

Slash-Her, an anthology of women in horror, out now from Kandisha Press. Included is my story “Bus Stop”.


21 women from across the world came together to evoke their inner Lizzie Borden and re-invent the slasher. Some embrace the tropes; others rip them to shreds. These powerful tales are provocative, contemporary and need to be told. Featuring own voices, you will discover the pen is mightier than the machete. Serial killers, revenge, lust and even the supernatural are just some of the elements in SLASH-HER. Like the authors, these stories are strong.

They are bloody and they pack a punch. Are you ready?

“It’s a book the horror community needs and deserves to have – a love story to us horror nerds and to our beloved horror genre.” Kelli Maroney – Chopping Mall

“It’s got the blood, it’s got the guts, it’s got the heart and it’s got truckloads of anger: here’s 21 stories for the slasher fan, all written by slasher fans.” Stephen Graham Jones – The Last Final Girl and My Heart is a Chainsaw

Kandisha Press website :

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