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Foe: A Review

Hardcover, 261 pages

Published September 4th, 2018 by Gallery/Scout Press

4/5 Stars


Ever since reading I'm Thinking of Endings Things, I've been searching for a book that has that same feeling of dread. Something that will make me uneasy, even though I'm not really sure what's causing it. So, of course I picked up Foe by the same author and I was not disappointed.

The story in itself isn't very exciting if you think about it. It's just about a man and his wife in their farmhouse and one day a stranger interrupts their day-to-day life. This stranger tells the couple that the husband has been picked for an outer space mission, and he's going, whether he wants to or not. It all seems good, until things suddenly aren't. And isn't that how life usually works?

There were many times when I wanted to yell at the characters in the book. Like how could you be so gullible? Why are you letting a strange man live in your house? But in the end, it all... sort of made sense. It's unnerving and eerie. Everything I want in quiet horror.

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