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Published Short Story: "Beneath the Glass"

My short story "Beneath the Glass" is featured in Dead Sea Press' Rampage on the Reef.

Aquatic horror gets speculative and colourful in this thrilling collection of sixteen salty tales. Rampage on the Reef, the fourth volume in our Dead Seas series, explores the weirder side of oceanic horror and gathers everything you loved about the first three books into one terrifying collection.

A crash-landing on a remote island leaves its survivors without hope of rescue. A terrible infection spreads from coral to man - and beyond. And a young couple's relaxing afternoon on the beach is interrupted by murderous weeds... All this and more in sixteen fantastic tales from Robert Mammone, Nick Roberts, Kat Clay, C.F. Page, Ksenia Murray, Kenzie Jennings, Art Stanton, Alex Grehy, Emmie Christie, Julia C. Lewis, Jeremy Megargee, Jim Horlock, Emma Kathryn, Jayson Robert Ducharme, L. Pine and Connor Boyle.

Don't forget: every penny of profit will be donated to The Shark Trust, an organisation promoting the conservation and protection of sharks, skates and rays. Your support is hugely appreciated.

Enjoyed Rampage? Look out for more anthologies from Dead Sea Press: Terror in the Trench, Shadows Beneath the Surface and Death in the Deep available now on Amazon!

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