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The Exorcist's House: A Review

Kindle Edition

Published May 6, 2022

2/5 Stars


After buying a farmhouse, Daniel Hill and his family move out to the country, leaving their old life behind. They only want to fix up the house and flip it, but something gets in the way of this plan- something coming from the well in their basement. With the help of the prior owner's journals and tapes, Daniel hopes to fix the mess he's gotten his family into.

I genuinely love possession horror and one of the scariest books I've ever read was The Excorcist. So going into The Exorcist's House, I had high hopes of finding something equally unsettling- something that will haunt me for longer than it takes me to read. And while I did find lots of gore and demons within this book, it didn't quite hit the mark for me. The main problem with this novel is that there is so much unbelievable behavior. Of course, this is a fiction book and there should be a certain suspension of disbelief, but that can only go so far. The characters were one-dimensional, and some of their actions were questionable in the least. I was actually skimming over the last chapter or so because it simply didn't hold my attention any longer.

Sadly, ended up being a "wanted to love it, but didn't" type of book.

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