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The Glutton: A Review

304 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication October 31, 2023

5/5 Stars


The Glutton by A.K. Blakemore is the fictional account of Tarare, a French peasant turned sideshow attraction and spy. While some of the events portrayed in this book are no doubt fictional, the author has clearly done a lot of research into this young man's life, who did indeed live in the 1700s.

Also known as the Bottom Man, Tarare led a rather sad life after being cast out by his stepfather and left to die. Wandering the fields disoriented, he soon runs into a band of con men, who take him in as their companion. Once they find out about his neverending appetite, the men find a way to use this for their monetary gain.

I adored Tarare's bleak journey through life and the gruesome accounts of his appetite. Blakemore is a fantastic author and I can't wait to read more.

An easy 5 out of 5 stars.

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