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Woman, Eating: A Review

240 pages

First published March 24, 2022

4/5 Stars


I've seen some reviewers call this book a novel "within the sad and depressed women genre" and if it is, then I guess I found my new favorite genre. I adore these types of books and can't get enough of them. There's something so raw and beautiful about the plight these women go through and Woman, Eating did not disappoint in that aspect, even though the protagonist is a vampire and not a human woman. This book is a slow burner and so very bleak, but apparently it's just what I like. Maybe, I enjoy these types of books so much, because I can see myself in these situations (maybe not quite vampire-like, but you get the gist).

Essentially, Lyd is a vampire who very much wants to be human. This desire manifests in her being fascinated with human foods and ASMR eating videos. I know some people mentioned in their reviews that nothing happens, but we must have read different books then. What I read was a story about a woman who tries her hardest to be like all the others around her, but in the end, has to face the fact that she will never truly fit in. And I believe a lot of us can connect with that.

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