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Audition: A Review

Kindle Edition, 193 pages

Published June 7th, 2010 by W. W. Norton & Company

2/5 Stars


I went into Audition with pretty high expectations, which I quickly found crushed. About halfway through I even wondered if I was reading the same book as everyone else, or if I was simply missing something. But I kept on reading and waiting for the promised gore and horror, and at about 80% it finally came, but sadly, in the form of animal abuse. An abuse so vivid that it really made me uncomfortable, and yet again, I almost stopped reading, and honestly? I wouldn't have missed anything.

I just don't get the hype behind this book. It's extremely slow, and usually, I don't mind slow burners, but there is nothing happening for the first 80% of the book. It's just a widowed man going on and on about the woman he is obsessed with. And then finally things start to happen, but I found them to be too late. I had already made up my mind about disliking the book and an 80/20 horror ratio is too low for me.

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