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Curse Corvid: A Review

166 pages, Paperback

Expected publication April 25, 2023

4/5 Stars


What caused me to ask Alex Ebenstein for an advanced review copy of Curse Corvus initially was this badass cover. It's mysterious and foreboding, and let me tell you the story inside this cover did not disappoint. What I found was a story about a friendship between two women laced with the occult and mysterious bird deaths. The book starts out strong with a creepy hike through an eerie landscape and finishes just as strongly.

What I appreciate is how the author gives the reader just enough background information to make the story work but also doesn't info dump. I don't need to know in excruciating detail why the protagonist doesn't like her job, and the info I was given was just enough. Alex really hit the sweet spot of just enough background info here. And not every author is able to do this.

Overall, this is a very fast-paced and entertaining read.

Thank you for the arc, Alex!

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