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Deliver Me: A Review

Kindle Edition

Published January 1, 2023

5/5 Stars


How far are you willing to go to achieve your ultimate goal in life? For Daisy this question is easy to answer: all the way. Yearning for nothing more than a husband and a baby, Daisy is tired of her physically and emotionally exhausting work at the chicken processing plant. She wants to be a homemaker and care for her bug-collecting boyfriend and their future child, but however hard she tries, her pregnancies just won't come to full term. Fighting the religious trauma of her past, along with her overbearing mother's meddling, Daisy is willing to step beyond moral choices and have a baby. No matter what.

I went relatively blind into this book. I had only glanced over the summary on Netgalley, but something drew me to request it. And I'm glad I did. I have to give a warning that this book includes a lot of possible triggers for people and some of them disturbed me greatly. The story is very dark and bleak and you won't get any happy feelings out of this one. But at its essence, it is a story about a woman's self-worth and how much society (and religion) engrained into us what a perfect woman should be. At least, that's what I got out of it. You'll have to decide for yourself what message you take away.

The gore factor is also pretty high, so if you're squeamish make sure you're prepared. Either way, the ending is sure to blow your mind.

TW: miscarriages, animal death/ abuse.

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