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Downpour: A Review

245 pages, Kindle Edition

Expected publication October 3, 2023

4/5 Stars


When it rains, it pours... This statement could not be any more true for the main character of this book: Scott's marriage is falling apart and so is the old farmhouse he has inherited from his father. Everything is crumbling around him, and when an odd raincloud moves in over the house, things become even more devastating. Scott finds himself in a race against the elements, trying to keep his two children and his wife safe against the rain. In this book, not even the dog is safe (fair warning without spoilers).

Hawkins really knows how to set a scene. The entirety of Downpour takes place in and around Scott's old family home and I felt like I was a fly on the wall, witnessing the horrifying events. The story is bleak and unsettling and I found myself rubbing goosebumps off my arms more than once. The book reminded me a bit of Bird Box (different story, but that same unsettling feeling and the helplessness of everyone involved). If you're looking for a quick and creepy read, then Downpour is for you. Just prepare to have your heart ripped out!

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