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Edenville: A Review

336 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication October 3, 2023

4/5 Stars


When I first read the synopsis of Edenville I immediately knew I would love it. I'm a sucker for mysterious small towns, and the residents of Edenville do not disappoint. There's no lack of unease, whether it's the odd faculty at the college, or the weird old ladies running all the businesses in town.

I do have to admit that the first few pages almost made me quit the book, but that's only because the mere mention of bodily fluids grosses me out beyond measure. There's a lot I can stomach, but apparently "eye jizz" isn't it. But I did soldier on, and I loved the story in the end.

None of the characters were overly likable, but that isn't always needed for a successful horror book. In return, the world-building and fine details of Edenville kept me happy until the end. There's nothing better than a good "blood curse".

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