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Fanged Dandelion: A Review


Published March 17th 2021 (first published December 31st 2020)

4/5 Stars


Eric LaRocca has long found a place in my heart as a special weaver of dark stories that possess your mind and send a shiver down your spine. He has an excellent way with words and can take the most mundane situations and turn them into something far more sinister.

Fanged Dandelion is a collection of twenty poems; the tale of a young man slowly loosing his grip on reality. The lovingly (and hauntingly) crafted poems explore the darkest sides of the human mind, and leave the reader eager to find their own interpretations. I love the original phrases LaRocca comes up with, such as "oily corpse", and his overall ability to induce dread and building fear.

This collection is a true gem for every fan.

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