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Lady Of The House: A Review

162 pages

Published December 15th 2021 by Curious Corvid Publishing

5/5 Stars


The Lady of The House finds herself trapped by her marriage and the life she was forced into by society. Not only does she start to resent her husband and their once holy matrimony, but she is also starting to feel angry...real angry.

I loved this poetry book so much, I wish I could read it all over again for the first time. And I'm not only saying that because Grace is a friend of mine. I used to find poetry daunting, with it's difficult words and hard to follow stories, but Grace R. Reynolds did such an amazing job. She managed to write poems that were both relatable and comprehensible. I loved that each of them connected to the next, and you actually got an entire journey, and not just independent poems.

The imagery was superb, the writing beautiful, and the heartache painful. Stellar job by a stellar poet!

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