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Linghun: A Review


Expected publication: April 4th 2023 by Dark Matter INK

5/5 Stars


Sometimes grief can consume us. Sometimes, the only people we can think about are those that left us. It's easy to get lost in this grief and forgot those that are still with us. And that's exactly how Wenqi feels when her parents leave their old life behind and move to HOME, a place where every house is haunted. A place that is filled with grieving people who have seem to forgotten that there is still life in them and those around them. It isn't until Wenqi meets Liam that she realizes just how dangerous it is to get lost in memories and the anger that comes with death.

Linghun is not an easy book to read. It is filled with reminders of how easily our lives can get turned upside down and how short our time on earth truly is. How easy it is to become obsessed with the people that have passed and elevate them to a place higher than the living all around us. Wenqi's journey is heartbreaking, and Ai Jiang did an amazing job letting me get to know the citizens of HOME, each with their own problems and struggles. The story seems personal to me, not because I have lost a sibling, but because I know how hard it is to have older siblings. Wenqi's feelings are spot on, and her anger toward her dead sibling is raw and real. Being a girl in a household that cherishes boys is hard, and Wenqi surely feels this a hundredfold.

The story of Mrs. also really tugged at my heartstrings. I know how it is to come to a foreign country and feel lonely and lost. It is hard, especially if you don't find yourself fitting in. Reading her chapters in the second person was a nice touch.

A big thanks to the author for letting me read an early copy.

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