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Meat: A Review

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Published October 11th 2020

3/5 Stars


Animals have been mistreated by humans for as long as we can remember. We use them for food, labor and entertainment, and the poor creatures have no way of fighting back. In Meat, the animals are no better off; kept in too small cages and fed abhorrent feed all in order to be slaughtered in horrific manners for man’s gain. But luckily for the animals, something is lurking underneath Sunnyvale, and they’re about to get their chance to fight back.

With his novel, Dane Cobain brings us a cautionary tale of what can happen when humans toy with animals for too long. Mixed with dark humor and zombie type infection, readers can find an entertaining, if not lengthy tale. Even though I enjoyed Cobain’s characters and world building, I did find myself a bit overwhelmed by the 425 pages this novel is stretched out over. Maybe cutting away a bit of the “meat” would have made everything flow just a tad nicer.

Overall, a solid story with some gnarly characters!

Thanks to the author for the review copy.

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