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Nightbitch: A Review

256 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 20, 2021

3/5 Stars


"She didn’t make eye contact, instead looked at her phone and felt slightly superior for not caring about leggings and essential oils. She felt educated. She felt interesting and independent and did not want to be like the happy mothers. Was it that she didn’t want to be happy?"

-Nightbitch, Rachel Yoder

This book is a lot to digest and my head is still spinning after I finished reading it. It is wild and feral and it'll take me some time to truly process what just happened. But what I can tell you now is this: I loved the premise and I really wanted to love this entire book, but didn't. I was wholly invested in Nightbitch's story in the beginning, seeing myself in her (not the dog parts), and understanding her frustration with being a mother and wife. I, myself, have raised two children, while my husband was always gone with work (not his fault), but even though those early years are in the past, I still understood her completely. Her resentment. Her anger. Her overall disappointment in the world. It's relatable. But then it wasn't.

After a while, the book became repetitive and didn't add much new. I felt myself skimming, which is something I don't like to do. I do have to say that I did really enjoy the excerpts from the fictitious book, those were a cool touch. Other than that, I will have to give the book 3/5 stars, because like I said, the beginning was fascinating, but the ending was not so much.

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