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Sallow Bend: A Review

Published by Cemetery Dance Publications (first published August 2022)

4/5 Stars


I truly love folk horror if it's well done, and surely Alan Baxter conjured up something quite magical with his newest book Sallow Bend. It is a story that not only leaves reader's at the edge of their seat, but also takes quite a few risks, and pulls them off beautifully.

Sallow Bend isn't like most other small towns. In fact, every ten years or so, something evil seems to rise up and leave a devastating death count in it's path. But this time, the local school janitor joins forces with a grieving mother and a selection of carnies, and together they try to fight evil head on. Will they suceed? Only one way to find out!

I really enjoyed what Baxter did with his novel. He gives us multiple view points to read from, and together they make a fast paced, and quite bloody story. There are some super creepy and unsettling scenes within this book, and truly no one is safe (not even the kids). The only downfall (well, for me at least) was that one of the key characters was never fully explored, and I would have loved to learn more about them and their past.

A big thanks to the publisher for the arc!

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