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Suburban Hell: A Review

Kindle Edition, 336 pages

Expected publication: August 30th 2022

5/5 Stars


Mom life can be hard and I know from experience. It isn't easy juggling the kids, the household and the sometimes added drama in the suburbs. Trust me, I've experienced that life. So, when Amy Foster finally finds her little tribe of women she can confide in, she is beyond grateful. Her monthly movie nights with her three besties gives her something to look forward to during the mundane and often stressful parts of her life. But when her friend Liz reveals her plans to build a She Shed in her own backyard things start to turn sinister and the moms finds themselves battling demonic forces way out of their comfort zone.

It isn't often that I love a book from the first page. Sometimes you have to get through the boring bits to really enjoy a story. But that wasn't the case with Suburban Hell. From the first sentence I felt like this book was written with me in mind. It shares the same humor I often used to get over the cattiness of the women in the neighborhood/HOA/PTA. Yes, all those groups. Because like the moms in the story, I didn't always completely fit in either. And hey, that's OK, because sometimes being different makes all the difference.

Suburban Hell is heartfelt, creepy, engaging and funny. Everything you would want in a story about how messy momhood can be; especially when there is demons involved!

Thanks to Netgalley for the arc.

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