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The Angel Maker: A Review

336 pages, Hardcover

Expected publication February 28, 2023

3/5 Stars


I really enjoyed Alex North's previous books, so I was excited when I received an arc for The Angel Maker. It started out strong, and I was sure I would like it just as well as the previous books by North, but sadly, it fell somewhat flat for me.

I feel the main issue with the book is the numerous characters and time jumps. At times, I felt like I had no idea who the author was talking about and even had to backtrack. Constantly switching between people's first and last names also confused me greatly. Once I finally figured out who's who and the story neared its ending, I found myself skimming. There just wasn't enough excitement for me to want to finish the book anymore. And even now that I read it all, I still don't quite understand why it's titled The Angel Maker.

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