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The Cartoon Life and Loves of a Stupid Man: A Review

Expected publication November 28, 2023

Deixis Press

3/5 Stars


Phillipe is the owner of a comic bookstore, who suffers from an unnamed mental illness. His wife, a successful surgeon, is adamant that a medication developed by Phillipe's own father is the only way to treat his ailment. Phillipe himself hates taking the medication, as it robs the world of its vividness and leaves him uninspired. When his wife starts spending more and more time with one of her colleagues, Phillipe starts to believe that she is having an affair, which sends Phillipe spiraling into paranoia and madness.

What initially drew me to this book was the cover art. I love books that are different and I definitely got something along those lines with this one. I'm not sure if I would call this book pure horror, it's rather along the lines of absurdity. There are many odd behaviors displayed by all characters, and not all of them seem to have a reason or explanation.

As per usual, I have to point out the animal abuse. For as long as I've been reading and reviewing books, I have never gotten over that particular trigger and never will. Give me all the gore and death, but please leave the fur babies alone.

Overall, it's a very intriguing and almost fever dream-like novel. Nothing is as it seems, and I'm still not sure if the main protagonist was telling the truth about everything that happened, including his share of his father's company he was supposed to receive.

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