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The Children on the Hill: A Review

342 pages

First published April 26, 2022

4/5 Stars


Jennifer McMahon's The Children on the Hill pulled me in right from the start, and then blew me away with a twist I would have not expected.

Whenever I read thrillers I usually hope for a good twist. This doesn't always happen, but sometimes authors do surprise me. While reading the book my brain will ask who-dunnit the entire time, and more often than not I do have an inkling of who/ what it will be. But not in this case.

The Children on the Hill is written in two different timeslines, one during Violet's childhood, and the other in 2019. The first tells the story of Violet, Eric and their grandmother, who is a doctor at a treatment center. One day she brings home a little girl and makes Violet and Eric treat her as their sister- no questions asked. They have no idea where she came from, all they know is that she must be a patient of their grandma's. In 2019, Lizzy Shelly, who runs a sucessful monster hunting pod cast, is on the search for a young girl who seemingly been abducted by a monster- or has she?

Truly an amazing book that is wildly entertaining!

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