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The Fall: A Review

Expected publication: April 12th 2022

4/5 Stars


Alan Baxter, creator of the lovely little town of Gulpepper, first introduced us last year to his fictional world in his book The Gulp. This year, he takes us back with his newest collection of stories titled The Fall, which is once again centering around this charming Australian harbor town.

The book starts out strong with “Gulpepper Curios”, where we are introduced to a visitor who might just stay a little bit longer than intended. But hey, it’s the Gulp, right? Who wouldn’t wanna stay? 5/5

Next, we take an insane fishing trip to the “Cathedral Stack” and I hope you all brought your life vests. I don’t think we’re doing much fishing today, folks. 4/5

“That Damn Woman” tells the story of a charming Gulpepper couple, who seem to be the start to some true Gulp fuckery. But what else is new. Baxter sure isn’t gonna make it easy for his townsfolk. 3/5

In “Excursion Troop” we get to explore the woods around Gulpepper with a troop leader and his teenage proteges, as they learn just how dangerous it can be to eat things that grow around these parts. 4/5

Finally, “The Fall” brings it all together, and Baxter lets his world building skills shine by showing us how all these stories were connected. As an added plus, some familiar faces join together to save the day…or do they? 5/5

Overall, a four star read and I hope maybe one day we will return to The Gulp, or maybe it’s better to just keep your helmet on and ride past it. It’s up for you to decide.

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