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The Garden: A Review

Kindle Edition

Published January 1, 2023

4/5 Stars


Irene wants to have a baby, but after several losses, she starts to doubt if she will ever be able to carry one full term. After becoming pregnant once more, Irene and her husband find a hospital located inside an old mansion that promises a cure for her miscarriages. The doctors that run the program are married and from the get-go, Irene has a bad feeling about the duo. But her wish for a baby outweighs her doubts, and soon she finds herself as an inpatient in the old mansion, surrounded by other hopeful moms-to-be.

What pulled me immediately into the world of The Garden was the mysterious and odd setting brought to life by the author's lyrical writing. It was like reading a distant dream, one that might deceive you at every corner. Though I did not seem to connect to the main character, I did enjoy seeing the world through her eyes. I simply found her too off-standish, but after losing baby after baby I might have felt the same way. To her, there just wasn't any point in pleasantries. I'm still not one hundred percent sure how the visions inside the story connected to the book. But in all, I truly enjoyed this sordid tale.

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