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The Night Guest: A Review

208 pages, Hardcover

September 3, 2024, by Tor Nightfire

3/5 Stars


Iðunn has trouble sleeping, or more accurately, she has trouble waking up. Every morning she finds herself exhausted and with countless bruises and cuts covering her body, yet she has no recollection of how they could have gotten there. She seeks out a doctor who prescribes her sleeping pills, but even those don't seem to help. When she buys a step-counting watch, she starts to get an inkling about what might be going on, but is she really ready to face the truth?

The Night Guest is a fast-paced novella with a witty and relatable protagonist that makes for an entertaining read. Some of the chapters were as short as one-sentence and I enjoyed this format. It left me turning the pages faster than I imagined and while The Night Guest isn't perfect and certainly has its weak spots, I would still recommend it.

I do have to warn that there is mention of animal deaths (cats), so it might not be for everyone.

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