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The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses: A Review

194 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 15, 2023

4/5 Stars


If you are a lover of the gothic genre then you have to pick up a copy of The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses. It is a bittersweet tale about a woman named Theodora, who takes on a job as a governess at a mansion that is equally as crumbling as the one she grew up in. The daughter of Lord Cassias, Ottoline, is to be her charge and soon she finds herself wrapped up in the mysteries of the old place.

The haunting atmosphere of this novel is perfectly mixed with romance, leaving readers wanting more with each page. Even though I knew some sort of twist was awaiting me at the end, I could have never foreseen what was to unfold. A heartbreaking, yet satisfying ending for an excellently written novel. My gothic-loving heart is filled.

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