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The Stradivarius: A Review


Expected publication May 9, 2023

3.5/5 Stars


After moving out of her aunt's trailer and into her childhood home with her new husband, Mae thinks her life is finally on the track to becoming perfect. Having witnessed her dad's murder as a child, life has not been easy for her. When she receives a phone call from her dad's estate lawyer, Mae is hesitant, but also excited to return to the source of this trauma. She's sure that together with her husband everything will turn out fine. And everything might have turned out fine had it not been for the missing Stradivarius...

I really enjoyed reading this book by Rae Knowles. It has a gothic vibe and the claustrophobic and haunted feel of Mae's time in the Victorian was perfectly executed. The characters are authentic and I liked them for the most part. Of course, I didn't like the villains, but then isn't that the point? Knowles sure knows how to write bad guys and oh, how I hated them every second of this book. I won't give away anything, so let's leave it at that.

The twists in this story were also well done, if a bit predictable. Since I do read a lot of books per year, I've seen most of these twists before, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just would have been nice to have that aha! moment at least once.

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