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This Thing Between Us: A Review

272 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 12, 2021

4/5 Stars


I'm usually not one for grief-horror. Maybe it's because grief is something that's been closely following me for years now and it hurts. But when I saw the synopsis of This Thing Between Us, I was intrigued. The whole Itza (or is it Alexa?) thing really pulled me in and I'm glad I gave the book a shot.

As I was reading through the novel I was confused at times. Like what does this Itza really have to do with anything? But luckily it became clear, even though the ending was still a mystery to me. Maybe I didn't get it, or maybe I wasn't supposed to get it. Who knows?

The book is beautifully written and I love how it is addressed to the deceased wife. Not everyone can pull off this type of writing, but Gus Moreno sure did. The narrator is a broken, messy person and I loved how honest and raw the author portrayed him. Grief isn't meant to be neat. I do have to warn that there is lots of animal cruelty in this book, but considering it is of supernatural nature I was able to overlook it.

In all, an amazing supernatural grief novel.

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