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Unholy Gods: A Review

Kindle Edition

Published September 14, 2022

5/5 Stars


Do you love deep sea horror? What about mysterious islanders that are cut off from the rest of civilization? Now, how do you feel about cosmic horror and cults? If any of these sound good to you then pick up a copy of Unholy Gods and immerse yourself in all that and more. Seriously, William Long did such a good job creating an air of mystery and unease throughout this book and then tying it all together in a heartbreaking finale.

Get ready to feel scared and sorrowful all at once as you follow protagonist John Cavalry back to his childhood home that he had fled from as a teenager. At first, he might seem happy to see his sister after all this time, but soon the creature that is stranded on the beach and the suspicious islanders start to feel more than just a bad omen. Could the creature be connected to the horrifying event that made him flee thirty years prior? And what is up with all the dead fish and dying vegetation? Something is surely amiss on St. Budoc's island and it might be more sinister than anyone can imagine...

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